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Stress Awareness Month; How Exercise Reduces Stress

It’s Stress Awareness Month this April so we want to open up the conversation about feelings of stress. Whether it’s a big or a small event, even the smallest things can make us feel stressed – it’s completely normal! That’s the not so fun thing about stress… it can hit you at any time. At Banish it’s our mission to help everyone find stress relief through exercise, so let’s dive into why working out can help… 

You’ll be happy 

Exercise can suppress hormones that cause stress and anxiety. In some cases, exercise can work just as effectively as anti-depressants. This is due to the release of endorphins and serotonin (happy hormones) that make you feel good. It is said that you’ll never regret a workout, and these endorphins are the reason why. We covered how exercise can affect your mental health in more depth in our previous blog. With the Banish App, you can find 100s of workouts that are tailored specifically for when you feel stressed. Just check in on the app and let us know how you’re feeling.

Change your mindset

Those same endorphins that make you feel good, also have another benefit. They can help bring you a sharper memory and thinking. These will help you to see things without the clouding of those stress demons allowing you to change your mindset. 

Get some distance

Stress is controlled by our nervous system. Want to run away from all your problems? That’s your flight mode activated. When you turn angry? Well, that’s your fight mode. Fight or flight can be useful in some circumstances but can become draining when it’s every day. Finding activities that remove yourself from stressful situations will give you the chance to find calm and recenter yourself. One of the best activities? You guessed it, exercise. Banish has lots of amazing workouts for you to choose from depending on how you’re feeling.  

Let’s Banish those demons 

There are some key ways to have exercise as part of your routine. Let’s look at how to get you started… 

Go outside, fresh air! 

Not feeling up for a workout? That’s okay! Try going for a brisk walk around the block and get some fresh air. Just moving your body for ten minutes and getting some deep breaths can calm and soothe any angst. 

Listen to your body and mind 

It’s important to check in with your own feelings. Stress can manifest physically as well as mentally – don’t suffer in silence. Talk about how you’re feeling with a friend or family member and there’s no better time to start the conversation than during Stress Awareness Month. 

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The Banish App 

At Banish, it is our mission to help people find calm and get control of their mental well-being. Our founder, Jamie Acton, created Banish after struggling with depression and finding relief in exercise. The app focuses on how you’re feeling and then depending on mood and time, will give you a tailored workout designed to help you.