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We’re fully committed to making Banish the best it can be. In January 2021 we ran a pilot programme where hundreds of people put the app through its paces to help us shape what it is today.

Their feedback on Banish as a workout companion is a huge boost to our mission: helping people feel in control of their mental wellbeing every day through exercise.

We surveyed them to see what they thought. 78% of users said they felt more in control of their mental demons after just 6-weeks of using Banish.

And 91% found that Banish helped them to identify how they were feeling, and how exercise can positively impact their mood.

But don’t take our word for it. Below are just a few testimonials from Banishers who’ve found the app to be a helpful and necessary tool that champions exercise as a tool to manage mental health.

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At the start of 2021 I confronted my demons to get my head right, but something was missing. I started doing the exercises from Banish and sorting out what I eat! Adding them together has given me such a better mindset. Without the help of the Banish app, I wouldn’t have started this new lifestyle.

Banish has kept my mind focused and my body challenged. The app’s easy to use and has something for all fitness levels!


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Banish was an absolute life saver during the third lockdown. I have on and off struggles with my mental health and Banish works to use exercise as a tool to overcome unwanted feelings and thoughts.

I feel so much healthier and fitter after only 6 weeks and I’ve also become part of an incredibly supportive community at the same time! The guided workouts feel like I have my own personal trainer and I love that you can tailor your workouts to whatever feelings, time or equipment you have.


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I’ve loved using Banish, being able to use a guide for a workout based on how you are feeling physically and mentally makes perfect sense.

The workouts are clear and the ability to change the timings is great. The instruction is safe, and you finish the workouts feeling fab! I’d highly recommend the Banish app.


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Banish is easy to use. The app speaks to you, asks how you’re feeling and offers a workout tailored to your needs at that time. The workouts are easy to follow and well explained.


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Over the last few weeks, I’ve used this sleek, well-designed app for a variety of excellent core, strength and HIIT workouts. They’ve got great GIF instructions that demonstrate the movements and an audio instructor that makes you really push yourself.

What sets Banish apart from other apps is the focus on the link between exercise and your mental health. The innovative ‘demon’ rating system is a brilliant tool to analyse your mood before and after your workout and allows you to see in real time the effect of a workout on lifting your mood.

Alongside the other features in the app, Banish is a game changer in the fitness & mental health space. Highly recommended!