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The Banish Gym provides one to one and small group training sessions for anyone needing help with their mental or physical wellbeing.

Not everyone has the confidence to go to a normal gym or attend a busy fitness class, but we believe that everyone can feel the benefits of exercise.

It is scientifically proven that physical exercise releases endorphins and serotonin, the hormones responsible for making us feel good. But not only that, doing something difficult such as working out, can really help to boost confidence and self-esteem.

The Banish Gym aims to help those who may be struggling with their mental or physical wellbeing, to provide a safe space for people to talk in confidence, and to exercise in private, in order to feel good.

Who runs the banish gym

Ex-professional rugby league player and seasoned personal trainer Jamie Acton has dealt with mental health issues throughout his life and has used physical exercise to get through some of the toughest of times. Jamie believes that with the right support, many other people can reap those same rewards. That is why Jamie set up the Banish Gym.

The Banish Gym is NOT about working out purely to get a six-pack or bigger biceps, whilst that may be a healthy by-product of your efforts, the Banish Gym exists to prioritise feeling good, both mentally and physically. Jamie believes that the desire to look a certain way usually stems from a deeper place; often low confidence and self-esteem. Jamie works with his clients to better understand these challenges and combat them holistically, together with achieving your physical goals.

The banish gym has a private consultation room where Jamie spends time with his clients, getting to the bottom of whatever might be holding them back. Through his personal and professional experience, Jamie can help put a plan in place to suit each individual. Teamed with state-of-the-art gym equipment and training space, the Banish Gym is the perfect place to improve and grow stronger, both physically and mentally.


Prices for one to one are £40 per session or £175 for five sessions.
Small group sessions of up to five people are £15 per person.
Larger group sessions are £10 per person.

Initial consultation is absolutely free! Banish Gym clients will also receive FREE access to the Banish App, worth £9.99 per month!

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