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Hello Summer; 3 Top Tips to Working Out Safely in the Heat

working out in the heat

Summer is finally here; a great time to get out and enjoy that sunshine! However, this lovely weather can bring some dangers to your workout routine. If you’re not careful you could suffer from heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat syncope (collapsing), heat exhaustion and heatstroke. But don’t worry, we have three top tips to help you can maintain your routine whilst staying safe in the warmer temperatures. Let’s go!  

Why do we overheat

Working out in the heat can lead to a whole array of problems. Exercise, temperature and humidity can affect your core body temperature. When you reach higher levels your body automatically starts to cool itself down. Cool right? (Pun absolutely intended) However, to do this your body sends blood to your skin, meaning there’s less blood flow for your muscles which in turn causes your heart rate to increase. This is when you can start to see the warning signs of heat-related illnesses. These three tips will help you to avoid this from happening…  

Timing is everything 

The heat can be at its highest in the middle of the day, so make sure to avoid working out during these times. Try to arrange your workout in the morning and/or the evening when temperatures are a little cooler. The gym may not be open at these times but remember the Banish App is there 24/7. No matter what time of day or level of fitness, Banish has the perfect workout for you. 

Stay hydrated   

Water is always key when working out, however when it’s warm you’ll find yourself sweating more. This can increase the likelihood of dehydration, so make sure to bring a large bottle of water. Excessive sweating can be a warning sign of a heat illness, if you do find this happening to you, you need to cool down and get hydrated right away. We suggest this triple insulated water bottle, to keep your drink cool for 24 hours. It also helps the environment as you won’t be buying throw-away plastic bottles. (Finedine, £19.99)

*TOP TIP* Another trick to help you to cool down is to fill a spray bottle with water and mist yourself, not only will this be refreshing but will help to decrease your core temperature. 

Loose fits only  

Fitness isn’t a fashion contest, if you’re working out in the summer make sure you’re wearing loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. This will help your sweat to evaporate and keep you cooler. Black and darker colours attract heat so make sure to wear light colours if you’re working out in direct sunlight. Also, try wearing a cap to keep the sun off your head. 

This women’s top from lululemon is perfect for running and training with clever technology in the material such as sweat-wicking and quick-drying to help keep you cool. The fit is loose, designed to float away from the body. High neck running and training shirt £45

This men’s top is another great example of light, loose-fitting clothing. With dri-fit technology to help keep you cool, the fit is easy and relaxed to be more breathable. Nike Dri-FIT sport clash £29.95

Don’t forget your mental health  

It’s important that we make note of our mental health even during the summer. If you suffer from S.A.D you’ll be coming out of the gloominess that dull weather can bring, but just because it’s sunny outside it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up your mental wellbeing. Why not grab a book and sit in the garden? We recommend A Toolkit For Happiness by Dr Emma Hepburn, a guide to long-term and sustainable happiness. Or head to the Banish App for your daily dose of brain food. 

This summer get out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. If you’re looking to stay consistent with your workouts during these hotter months, make sure you use these tips to stay safe. As always if you’re ever looking for some workout inspiration be sure to head to the Banish App.