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Why Mental Fitness Is Affecting Your Bottom Line

mental fitness

There’s a lot of chat about our mental health. Rightly so. It’s a topic that’s, thankfully and necessarily, been elevated in public discourse in recent years. Whilst it has huge personal impact, our mental wellbeing also has a serious impact on business. Here’s how.

2017 figures showed that the national cost of mental ill health at work sat at around 35 billion pounds – in the UK alone. That number comes chiefly as a result of reduced productivity at work, illustrated below by the Centre for Mental Health.

With more than 11 million UK working adults having taken time off work for poor mental wellbeing, it’s clear that workplaces have to provide more support, and solutions, for their staff. It’s estimated that this is costing businesses an estimated 40 million working days each year.

CEOs Believe They’re Doing Enough. They Aren’t

There’s a disconnect between what companies believe they are providing – 96% of CEOs believe they’re doing enough for employee mental health – and what staff are actually receiving – with only 69% agreeing that their employer is doing enough.

So, with an opportunity to both save money for your business and simultaneously improve the quality of life for your workforce, implementing solutions to mental health concerns is a win win.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, one that’s empowered to make correct decisions for their health without fearing retaliation or judgement from their employers. Plus, a happy set of employees are more likely to stay in their role and produce better quality work.

There’s a human, personal benefit — but clearly, too, there’s a huge commercial incentive in investing in your employees’ mental wellbeing.


We offer corporate packages for Banish, the UK’s first app focused on improving mental wellbeing through fitness. Whilst it’s not the catch-all for your workplace’s mental health strategy, it’s something that will help in multiple ways.

Our check in function prompts users to record how they’re feeling before they work out, a rare opportunity for self-reflection in the high paced world we live in. Then, after they’ve exercised, they’re asked to check in again, cementing the connection between being active and feeling better.

Providing employees access to Banish highlights commitment to taking both mental and physical health seriously. It shows your business is willing to invest in their wellbeing. Further, it also highlights that your business acknowledges poor mental wellbeing as a legitimate and understood problem, which opens up discussions around employee wellbeing. This enables the opportunity to address issues before they escalate or, worse, lead to burn out or high employee turnover rates.

Time To Take Action

Access to an app like Banish allows your workforce the option to keep active easily, using an app that takes much of the second-guessing out of the equation. Our workouts can be performed with or without equipment, no matter where your staff are. This means they can decide what time of day works best for them, whether it be in the morning, at lunch time, or after work, and they can train with our expertly crafted sessions for a time-length that suits their schedule.

The impact of exercise on wellbeing is well documented, with positive outcomes ranging from improved focus and stamina, to better quality and increased duration of sleep. The innumerable benefits are hugely important to the individual, the collective, and the business.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us on and we’ll be able to provide demos, costings and answer any questions you may have.