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Five Books That Help Live Life Better

We know first hand the impact that a great author can have on life. Whether you’re an audiobook, paperback or kindle type of person, it makes no difference.

We’ve rounded up five of our favourite books that you can purchase to elevate your outlook on life.

Man’s Search For Meaning‘ – Viktor Frankl

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

A truly sensational read, this short book is written by a psychologist who survived the holocaust. If you’re lacking hope for the future, this book will truly put things into perspective.

Even when facing one of the most gruesome and devastating environments in the history of mankind, Viktor Frankl maintains a supernatural level of positivity.

If you’re questioning the point of things, this is a vital read to put some wind in your sails to give you the motivation to keep going.

Big Magic‘ – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.”

If you’re a creative soul, this one’s for you. Author Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for her worldwide success ‘Eat Pray Love’, but her book Big Magic is all about feeling empowered enough to creatively express yourself. 

A bit ‘hippy’ at times, the writings in this will propel you forwards towards feeling unashamed about both your desire to express yourself creatively, and also to feel comfortable in the times when it feels as if you can’t create anything at all.

The motivating and inspiring text within can be applied to countless hobbies, and the way it’s written will have you reading from front to back without a second thought.

Antifragile‘ – Nicholas Taleb

“Never ask the doctor what you should do. Ask him what he would do if he were in your place. You would be surprised at the difference.”

A completely new idea at the time, Antifragile is book that explores things in life that are strengthened when damaged. For example: vaccines. You’re given a tiny dose of the virus, which allows your body to fortify itself in the future.

Taleb’s overarching point is that depriving yourself of stress isn’t always a good thing and can actually be harmful. Just like in the gym, you need to put your body through strain to make it stronger.

An exploration of an unusual line of thought, Antifragile can be difficult to read at times, but it’s a book that really puts into context the human ability to adapt and overcome.

Notes From The Underground‘ – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“I’ve never been a coward at heart, although I’ve always been a coward in action.”

A fictional story peppered with real life takeaways, Notes From The Underground is another short read that can truly impact both your life and your outlook.

Split into two halves, this true classic explains the negative situations that lead the main character to withdraw from life as well as his ‘view from the underground’, an outlook from a bitter and dejected individual who’d stopped trying to make life better.

This isn’t your usual ‘self help’ style book and can be viewed and understood in countless ways. It’s a cautionary tale. If you’re struggling to be positive, this one might be better left for a brighter day. However, we’ve found it incredibly beneficial for both reframing perspective of tough situations and also highlighting the corrosive and bleak outlook that can appear when you decide that the world is a bad place.

(The video below is a little dry… but it rounds up the themes of the book well)

Ego is the Enemy‘ – Ryan Holiday

“Poise, not pose.”

Learn from some of the greatest heroes of our time as Holiday outlines how they overcame their egos to make wild successes of their lives. If it worked for them, chances are it’ll work for you.

Chock-full of quotes, this book is one that can really have a massive impact if you give it the time to do so. Countless individuals are examined within who put their higher goals about their desire for recognition.